New Feature: Increased Mortgage Marketing Productivity With the NEW Property Importer

The MoreLoans4U mortgage marketing solution has been updated with a new property import feature! You can now import property data (including photos) of any properties that are listed on your MLS.

A complete property website can be imported and set up as a showcase property website with an integrated slideshow virtual tour in about 40 seconds. Photos and data fields will be imported and correctly set up within the property website.

You can even choose the Listing Agent so that the property website is literally ready to go once the import is complete.

Your benefit:
This new feature allows for a very data setup time, which in turn means more properties can be set up with less effort. As a Loan Officer / Lender, this means that you need less staff and admin hours to run the MoreLoans4U SPS program.

New Mortgage Marketing Import FeatureTo import a property site simply click the “Add New Listing Site” button (shown to the left) and choose the option to import. Your listing needs to have been submitted to your MLS for a couple of days so that our data partners have it indexed.

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